The structure of the park includes reservoirs such as 10 PBC- 10 000m3 and 5 RVS- 5000m3; total volume of 125,000 m3.

Petroleum products are stored in tanks with pontoons and with a stationary roof. Pipelines provide domestic pumping from the reservoir into the tank and cleaning of reservoirs "dead residue".

The inner area of the tank farm has a concrete floor with a bias for receiving rainwater, and in the case of an emergency, concrete base does not allow for filling of oil in the tank farm area.

The enclosure of the tank farm is made of concrete block height of 1.5 m. With the installation of gas analyzers. Each tank is equipped with facilities according c industrial safety requirements and has a commercial accounting system, allows you to remotely monitor the status of oil in the tanks (volume of product, of loading height, density, free volume, overflow sensor).

Storage of petroleum products

Everyone knows that the improper storage of petroleum products, they begin to lose their properties. To avoid such troubles, you need to properly take care of them properly. This requires special tanks that meet all safety requirements. The company is not the first year engaged in the provision of this service.

Each brand of oil must contain a specially designed, fully serviceable tank. Due to the wide tank farm, the company can guarantee the safety of any kind of petroleum products in good condition. Kerosene, diesel fuel, gasoline, fuel for stoves, GCS - all this can be deposited by ordering the corresponding service.


Over the years, employees of "Neft Aktiv TankFarm" gained a lot of experience in the storage of petroleum products. Each employee is a highly qualified expert in his field and perfectly copes with its direct responsibilities.

Depending on the amount, the customer can select the desired storage tank. Each individual reservoir designed in such a way as to protect the stored fluid and preventing its volatilization, combustion or loss of quality. The operation of loading and unloading of liquids produced by employees. All work is done according to the wishes of the customer, quickly and in a strictly specified time.

The company respects the requirements of its customers, trying to satisfy their wishes. Turning to the company  "Neft Aktiv TankFarm", you can be assured of proper protection of absolutely any petroleum products. If you decide to use oil products storage service, please contact the manager of the company by phone or e-mail listed on the site.


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