In the maritime transportation sector, when we introduce the concepts of innovation and environmental sustainability in the phases of design and logistical organization of services, we do so within the framework of: technology, organizational structure and governance.

For PB Tankers, innovation means positive change in terms of:

Opportunities derived from new technology;

Organizational improvements derived from knowledge and data sharing, (both internally and with other companies operating in our industry);

Social, cultural, and business innovation, such as the green initiatives so fundamental to our service planning.

FireShot Capture 246 - Sustainable Marit


The transportation industry has always been characterized by the fast development of new technologies and the necessary innovations that result from it. Today we have all this in addition to advanced telecommunication networks that allow us to coordinate and monitor the transportation and flow of goods like never before.


Sustainability is a key driver of innovation and forces us to constantly reevaluate and evolve the models we use. Because green operations are key to remaining competitive, we embrace the changes that arise due to improvements in technology and continually adjust our processes to better serve our clients and the environment.