At the start of our storage activities in 2005, we stored fuel oil. Since then, our storage capacity grew from 65,000 cbm to 240,000 cbm and our state of the art facility is suited for fuel oil and gas oil.




 NEFTAKTIVOIL (Tank Farm) in "Rotterdam Port" utilizes the Terminal of Nedstore Terminals, Klaipėdos Nafta oil terminal, Euro Tank Terminal B.V., Odfjell Terminals Rotterdam, Service Terminal Rotterdam (Neftaktiv ) for reception and Storage of light oil product and for the transshipment of light Oil petroleum products such as (jet juel, gasonline, Virgin oil "LPFO", VGO, gas oil).



In "Primorsk Commercial Sea port"  Neftaktiv-oil Tank Farm utilizes its Terminal for reception and Storage of dark Oil (Crude oil) and light oil product and for the transshipment of dark Oil (Crude oil) and light Oil (gasoline, diesel fuel, naphtha, Jet Fuel) petroleum products.


In Houston Texas,  Neftaktiv (Tank Farm) utilizes a third party storage facility for the provision of Storage Services to satisfy its client who seek storage facility in this region.



Neftaktiv(Tank Farm) in "Ust Luga Port" has its own dedicated Storage terminal which are is used for receiving, storing and dispensing light and dark oil products.

The Reception of oil products by railway transport and distribution of oil products in Neftaktiv-oil (Tank Farm) is carried out in road and rail tank cars and or Pipelines or vessel Tankers.  RK-oil (Tank Farm) Has its own railway sidings adjacent to the railway station in "Saint Petersburg" Ust Luga port.



 NEFTAKTIV-OIL (Tank Farm) "Nakhodka Port" utilizes its Storage Terminal in Nakhodka Commercial Sea port for reception and Storage of dark Oil product (various grades of fuel oil) and for the transshipment of dark Oil product (various grades of fuel oil).

​Petroleum Storage and Tank Farm is located in the industrial zones of Novorossiysk, Vladivostok, Vanino, Murmansk, Vysotsk Seaports, Vyborg, Kozmino and Nakhodka with the capacity of the reception, storage and delivery of petroleum products. Our Tank farm control towers or Reservoir park comprises of a total amount of 1 895 466 m3 consisting of RGS tanks in number of 168 pieces, RGS tanks in number of 57 pieces. Our Tanks are designed for various grades of petroleum products and equipped with the standard heating and temperature-controlled devices.

«Neftaktiv» has a unique network of storage and distribution equipment's through our specialized railcar as one of the leading private railcar owner, across the Russian Federation.

The pumping of the petroleum products into the tankers, consist of one complex ASN-10VNG module 4-4, which allows the petroleum products to be simultaneously discharged from 4 bulk struts to 4 types of petroleum products and providing the commercial account in units of mass. There is the test laboratory equipped with the modern equipment and allowing carrying out analyses of tests of petroleum products on the list of indicators of quality in compliance with the leading documents.

The fuel-dispensing point has the following licenses for activity implementation:

Operation of explosive production objects № ЭКВ-01-07411 (ЖН) from 16.02.2011.

Operation of fire-dangerous production objects № 008249 from 22.02.2011.

Implementation of loading and unloading activity in relation to dangerous freights on railway transport No. 8213849 the PRD series from 04.06.2011.

The fuel-dispensing point (TRP) of 12,5 hectares is located in industrially zones and consists of the main and reserve reservoir parks, a slivo-bulk railway platform, Tanker Pouring Points, pump station for pumping of petroleum products, the auxiliary block with treatment facilities, administrative and household cases and check-point that carries out reception, storage and holiday of petroleum products with class of danger 3, easily flammable liquids: gasolines Ai-80, Ai-92, Ai-95, Diesel fuel, Aviation kerosene JP54 and M100 fuel oil and other brands.

The movements of railway tanks with petroleum products to our storage and tank farms control towers are carried out on a track of uncommon general extent of 1258 m. The unilateral drain platform is equipped with four devices bottom UKSN-86, UKSNU-4 plum. For plum of tanks with the faulty bottom drain device the platform is equipped with 4 struts top plum. On a platform are laid 3 elevated drain collectors of KDU-166. One for plum of the diesel fuel, the second for plum of Ai-80 gasolines, the third for plum Ai-92, Ai-95 and M100 fuel oil.

The complexes of AGSN-20VG module 4/4 are intended for the automated measurement of amount of petroleum products in units of mass at holiday in automobile tanks.

The refining, storage, and transportation of petroleum and petrochemical products is a difficult process and always calls for a professional approach.The availability of the necessary technical base, which should fully met the standards of technical safety and operational reliability.  NEFTAKTIV MARINE ' has all of the above requirements and is focused on the storage of petroleum products of different categories and of any complexity.

It should be emphasized that  NEFAKTIV-OIL' implements new carriages for diesel fuel and other petroleum products, through its own fleet of modern fuel trucks, it enabling the transportation of diesel fuel from the refineries reservoir storage to EXPRESS MARINE SC' tank farm storage terminal as agreed without any technical problems and unforeseen disruptions. Final transportation costs is calculated for each client individually, as for whole sellers and regular customers there are a number of attractive discounts.

We work efficiently with high quality. The special features of the delivery of Petroleum Products include the following:

​There is a minimum order ;

day and night seven days a week;

high quality petroleum products and their low cost;

availability of the required storage and fuel production equipment;

a well-stocked technical park, carry out the delivery of diesel fuel and more.

It should be noted that because of the quality and high-tech equipment, transportation of fuel and other light petroleum products is carried out by our company in compliance with all recommended safety measures, standards and technologies that ensure the professionalism and reliability of delivery.

The main distinguishing feature of  Neftaktiv' is the ability to separate the transportation and storage of petroleum products from mazut, bitumen, gasoline, diesel D2 gasoil or jet fuel.

With this approach we significantly decreases carburetion, thus preserving the loss of quality of the transported fuel. At the stations, all production processes are automated. We releases up to 35 million Tons of fuel per year.

There storage and sales of diesel fuel is carried out continuously, due to the fact that the demand for this type of product is quite high. Mineral oil storage depot come from many factories specializing in oil refining, who are the main supplier of gasoline and kerosene.  In addition to the fuel tanks, the station has tanks for fuel oil.

For the off-season storage of petroleum products (gasoline, diesel, kerosene) has become important to use underground tanks being built in salt caverns at a depth of 5000 meters and below. These depots are created by erosion (leaching) of the salt water through the wells which are then used in the operation of the repository. Exemption from the storage of petroleum products is carried out by pumping brine.


Vessels up to 280 x 50 mtr with a maximum draught of 14,65 mtr can berth outside our T-jetty, with the inside hosting barges up to 135 mtr length. Quick imports from vessels can be executed over the 20” import pipeline. All other imports and exports are facilitated by 16” pipelines from and to the jetties.

Thousands of line-ups provide great flexibility

To create more flexibility, an extra multipurpose 12” pipeline started operations in 2014. Also, quay 7200 (barges and coasters) can be utilised for import and export transactions. Thousands of line-ups provide great flexibility, while our modern process automation secures smooth and safe operations.

For more information and details on our tank parks.

Availability of tank storage

Our two tank parks for fuel oil and gas oil are currently exclusively operated for our key customer, letting them enjoy the benefits of our storage capacity, T-jetty for vessels and barges, high speed pumps, mixing / heating features and our hands-on mentality.

 Neft Aktiv has possibilities for expansion though. We’re always interested to discuss the possibilities of dedicated storage and berths with interested parties.

For more information on tank storage at Neftaktiv, or to check on the availability, please contact us.

Additional benefits of NEFTAKTIV

In addition to tank storage, Neftaktiv delivers an extensive range of services. You can come to us 24/7 for:

  • lay-by berthing

  • ship-to-ship transhipments

  • nitrogen services: purging and blanketing

  • steam supply

  • partnership services:

    • rental of fenders and hoses

    • stores delivery over land

    • slop and waste disposal

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