Our refinery welcomes investors in a partnership agreement with our refinery. The need to modernize our various refineries requires that demand for oil products from the Russian Federation grows annually.

In accordance with the trends in the Russian oil industry, the need for modernized structures, technologies and equipment arises during the construction phase of the plant in order to increase the depth of oil refining and the product Euro-3 and Euro-4.

Investors are invited to participate in projects:

– The investor acquires 35% of shares. Investment proposal 1: Investment proposal. Modernization of the refinery in the Rostov region – refineries on the basis of modular units with an oil refining capacity of 500 thousand tons of crude oil per year. Approximate volume of oil products:

Petrol 140 000 tons;
Diesel fuel – 170,000 tons;
Fuel oil M100 180 000 tons.
Marketing research has shown that the region is stable, regardless of the season, and the effective demand for these oil products in these regions is expressed in the following indicators:

On light oil products (gasoline, diesel) – up to 2500 tons per year;
For fuel oil – up to 300 thousand tons per year;
Economic indicators of the project: the estimated cost of reconstruction and modernization of the refinery is 2 billion. The final cost of the project will be adjusted taking into account the requirements of the investor and additional design solutions. Investment offer 2: – Trade base with a berth in the Kamchas district. The possibility of developing a port export terminal for deliveries to the international market. Trading companies/manufacturers and exporters of metals / Investor.
The area of 1.65 hectares is located in the warehouse and ancillary area of 2652 m2, and the elements of the port infrastructure – the immersion area (area 1,405 m2) and the berth 217 m long. This allows using the facility as a river and seaport of the Volga-Caspian basin. The most effective use of the asset object:

Use of storage facilities as a rental complex. The approximate cost of the asset is about 120.250 million rubles. IRR project to 34% (excluding the possibility of a dynamic increase in prices after the crisis).
Use of a database for the organization of own trading operations in the Caspian basin. The possibility of export of metal products IRR = 64% Initial scenario.