In implementing its growth strategy, OOO”NEFT AKTIV” strives to increase its shareholde

r value as well as achieve the highest standards of corporate governance. The Company

is firmly convinced that these two aims are closely related. The commitment to a

transparent and responsible business management is extremely important for

maintaining Investors confidence and, in the long term, for guaranteeing the maximum

return on Investment to all our shareholders.

Being the hallmark of the most renowned international corporations, efficient

governance is an important indication of our success in the eyes of our foreign

partners. We are convinced that conscientious governance benefits all stakeholders,

including clients, suppliers, partners, employees and our Company’s shareholders.

OOO”NEFT AKTIV”s management will unswervingly continue giving equal consideration

to the interests of all shareholder groups of the Company.

The transparency of financial reporting is yet another important element of corporate

governance. OOO”NEFTAKTIV” has ample experience of drafting quarterly, semiannual

and annual reports in compliance with the generally accepted accounting principles

(US GAAP). In the future, we intend to follow these practices. Our open joint stock

company’s immediate objective designed to further improve our US GAAP reporting

procedures is to continue reducing the time gap between the end of the reporting period and the publication date of financial performance indicators for the same period.

One of the most convincing proofs of a practical application of the principles of strong corporate governance is the composition of the Board of Directors and its subcommittees. The members of OOO”NEFT AKTIV”s Board of Directors are experienced leaders commanding great respect within the business community. In order to make discussions at the meetings of the Board of Directors more effective, the standing Board of Directors’ committees – the Committee for personnel and compensations, the Committee for strategic planning and the Audit Committee – provide advice on most important issues.

In OOO”NEFT AKTIV” we understand that the reputation of an organization that strictly adheres to the highest standards of corporate governance cannot be gained overnight. This takes time and we are certain to be able to acquire such a reputation. We are trying to develop our business operations. We are ready for future challenges, unavoidable in the energy industry. And we are following the principles of transparent and responsible governance. All this will help win your trust.