The authorized capital of OOO NEFT AKTIV is RUB 105,981,778.17 and is divided into

10,598,177,817 ordinary shares with par value of RUB 0.01.

The state registration number of issue of ordinary shares of the Company is 1-02-00122-A.

The date of state registration of issue of ordinary shares of the Company is September 29, 2005.

As of June 1, 2017, no issues/placement of additional shares of OOONEFT AKTIV nor securities

convertible into shares were carried out.

No issues or placement of additional shares of OOONEFTAKTIV were carried out in 2017.

OOONEFT KTIV’s shares are traded on an organized market in Russia: Moscow Exchange 

(First level List). Rights of a shareholder (owner of ordinary shares), including voting rights on

each voting share of OOO NEFT AKTIV, are specified by Article 5.8 of the Company Charter.

Order No. 06-1380/pz-i of the Federal Service for Financial Markets from June 20, 2006, permits

placement and trading of 2,140,000,000 common shares of OOO NEFT outside the Russian


In July 2006, OOONEFTAKTIV carried out a listing of Global Depositary Receipts on the London Stock Exchange.

The issue of GDRs, which certify rights in respect of ordinary shares of OOONEFT AKTIV, in accordance with foreign law, was carried out by the depository bank J.P. Morgan. One Global Depository Receipt is equivalent to one common share of OOO NEFT AKTIV.

As of June 1, 2017, GDRs were issued for 731 mln. ordinary shares, which is 6.9% of total shares.