Custom Title Transfer

NEFTAKTIV LLC Service offers customers the ability to transfer ownership of crude oil, petroleum and petrochemical within the system. Contract preparation and inventory tracking associated with in-system transfers are handled by NEFT AKTIV LLC service personnel for the convenience of our customers.

One-third of the barrels of crude oil in and out of NEFT AKTIV LLC  Service facilities are transfer between customers. Because of the size and location of NEFTAKTIV LLC  Service facilities, refineries can conveniently store their inventory at a central location, where they are able buy and sell barrels as needed without transporting the crude oil. In doing so, custody title transfers allow refineries to handle market upsets and emergencies while maintaining detailed inventory management.

NEFTAKTIV LLC  Service provides a well-developed marketplace for our customers by recording and documenting transfers and sales of oils in the storage facility, maintaining efficiency from beginning to end, and providing seamless, easy transfers for our customers.

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