beware scammers that uses the name of NEFTAKTIV to create fake sites, having our Russian citizen as seller of oil products which the person are in search of the pepetrators. Fake links are as follows


Fake link 

Pavel Sorokin Valentinovich (M.Sc.)

FOB/CIF - Export Director - NeftAktiv Oil Terminal Services

Tel: +7 (968) 390-90-82 / +7 (963) 773-27-41

Email: /


D.15 Street, 28 Ulitsa Kaluzhskaya M. Moscow 119071 Russia Federation.


+7 (968) 390 90 85


Netherlands +31 85 0013082


Texas +1 (281) 503 8986

Russian Police and FBI are in search of the nigerians termishing the image of Russian and Russian companies.


8 (495) 914-43-69

Пограничная Служба ФСБ России . FBI Russia 



National Central Bureau of Interpol

  • Address: 7/19 Kazanskiy Pereulok, the city of Moscow, 119991.

  • Tel.: (495) 667-65-42.

  • Round-the-clock duty telephones: (495) 667-62-79, (495)667-50-85.

  • Fax: 667-08-41.

Poilce department HQ. 

Russian MIA General Administration for the City of Moscow
(495) 200-93-05
38 Petrovka Street, the city of Moscow, 127994
(495) 694-92-29 - “Hot Line”

The Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation

Address: 16 Zhitnaya st., 119049, Moscow, Russia (click here to locate it on the map)

Scam Notice: Our corporate mails -  is hacked and not working. Mails to the box or related corporate mails is not for us and not from us  The only official remain 
No skype is attached to our company anymore  Skype of is not for us as it is hacked by criminals. We advice you never to follow corespondence from it and report the person to the police, interpol, rosneft as they claim to be part of Rosneft or us the Neftaktiv